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Robin C

I feel these things for you, Kori. I can only guess how much more intense it must all be in your heart. It is sweet to me that you're striving to hold both sides.


I read the email Greg sent out yesterday and my gut started clenching with the thought of your going. I've always thought about your move with excitement - oh the adventure that the two of you will be sharing! And yesterday it hit me - I'm "losing" my sister. You've become my friend and now you're moving so far out of reach. I won't get to run into you at stores, churches, houses around town. We never did finish watching that TV movie and I'm leaving for the two weeks before you move. I'll miss the easy friendship and fun Greg brought to the family and the laughs that I got to watch the two of you share. I'm still excited for you, but now the sadness is hitting me. I love you, Kori. Thanks for writing this particular blog. I've enjoyed them all, but this one along with Greg's enabled me to realize how much I'm going to miss you.

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